Marco Lodola was born in Dorno (Pavia). He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Milan, and completed his studies with a thesis on the Fauves, Matisse that will be a reference point for his work, as well as Fortunato
Depero and Fra Angelico

In the early 80s around the Galleria Luciano Inga Pin in Milan, founded by a group of artists of the New Futurist movement, whose critic Renato Barilli was the main theoretical

Since 1983 he has exhibited in major Italian and European cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Lyon, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Amsterdam. He has participated in exhibitions and projects for major industries such as Swatch, Coca Cola, Ferrari wines, Titan, Grafoplast, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Riva, Illy (necklace cups copyright), Francis. Francis Dash, Carlsberg, Nonino, Valentino, Coveri, Locksmiths, The Admirable, Shenker, Seat and Laurentana

In 1994 he was invited to exhibit by the Government of the Republic of China on the premises of the archives of the former imperial city of Beijing.

In 1996 he started to work in the United States in Boca Raton, Miami and New York. He participated in the XII Quadrennial in Rome and at the VI Biennial of Sculpture of Montecarlo Several collaborations with contemporary writers such as Aldo Busi, Claudio Apone, Marco Lodoli, Joseph Pulido, Tiziano Scarpa and Giuseppe Cederna, and musicians: 883 Max Pezzali,Timoria,Jovanotti,Andy( Bluvertigo)Syria

In the summer del’98, on behalf of Saatchi & Saatchi, has executed the designs for the posters of Piazza del Popolo in Rome, at the Lyric Opera Tosca by Puccini.


He was the author of the works awarded to the winners of the 2001 edition of the Literary Award Nonino.

In 2001 he was appointed to look after the image of the Carnival of Venice. For the occasion, the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation has organized the exhibition “Futurismi in Venice” with his works and by Fortunato De Pero

In June 2002, he created the sculpture bright beer at all dedicated to the figure of the great entrepreneur Wenceslas Menazzi Moretti, who has been placed in the new city park of Udine, on the site of the first factory of the famous beer.

In 2003 he realized the bright part of the exhibition Venerea Venus revealed by Umberto Eco held at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels, for which he also handled the installation of the facade external to the Palazzo del Turismo in Riccione, which in 2004 was transferred to Sao Paulo (Museum Brasileiro Sculpting by Marilisa Rathsam), Rio de Janeiro (Museo de Arte Moderna), Mexico City (Polyforum Siqueiros), and the Museo Regional de Guadalajara

In 2005, he created a poster for the Winter Olympics in Turin, a collection of furniture for Mirabili, the pink jersey for the 88th Tour of Italy, the logo for the program “Special for you … “by Renzo Arbore, and the new image of Roxy bar for Red Ronnie.

In 2006 she was placed another light sculpture at the International Airport of Mexico City, and a Christmas sculpture in Piazza di Spagna (Rome). He also created the image of the centenary of Gandhi’s peace movement.

In 2007 he released the logo for the 50th anniversary of the ARCI and the
image of the 70th Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the logo for the Myths About Music for Volkswagen, the image for the 100 years of Fiat Avio and 110 years of foundation of Juventus, and the brand Air One.

In 2008, serves the facade of ‘Ariston and Casino during the 58th San Remo Festival and the sets of the film “This night is still ours” with Vaporidis. On the occasion of the European Championships in Milan has made a lightly canoe, he made a light installation on the facade of the Palazzo Penna in Perugia, on the occasion of the exhibition “Infinite City”, curated by Luca Beatrice.

In 2009, he set in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo Rock’n’Music the Planet, the first museum of rock in Europe, with 25 sculptures of musical legends.
Some works have been used in the setting of the television program “Academy” broadcast on Raidue. He participated in the 53rd Venice with the installation “Ballet Plastico”, dedicated to the Futurist Theatre.


In 2010 he created the sculpture bright FIAT LUX for MotorVillage Mirafiori in Turin. He has set the scene for a few episodes of XFACTOR, for the film “Meet a Friend” Directed by Carlo Vanzina, Raoul Bova and “boys versus girls”Directed by Fausto Brizzi. He revisited the logo for the tunnel Montebianco. He designed the image of the poster Umbria Jazz 2010, he participated Shanghai International Expo and has made a sculpture-icon for the group Hilton

In 2011. Take part in the Venice Biennale with the installation Ca ‘Loyola, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, the Ca’ d’Oro on the Canal Grande. His works are chosen by the designer Vivienne Westwood as a backdrop for the fashion show a / w man during the fashion week in Milan. Collaborate with Citroen for installation in Via della Spiga in Milan called “Full Electric Citroen.” He exhibited in London

Collaborate with Dash and Unicef ​​for charity initiative against neonatal
tetanus with the light sculpture Mother Nature, displayed in Cordusio square in Milan. His light sculptures are part of the scene of Roxy Bar web tv Red Ronnie

In 2012, with a major solo exhibits, curated by Luca Beatrice, Palazzo de
‘Medici of Florence. His works participating in the Made in Italy in the World, during the Beijing Luxury Property Showcase With the New Futurism Group has exhibited in Rovereto at Casa Depero and in Milan at Spazio Oberdan.

He has collaborated with Sanrio-Hello Kitty for a charity project in favor of Emergency. Some jobs are in the set of Metropolis program for the channel Comedy Central and The Apprentice with Flavio Briatore

In 2013, He has exhibited in Geneva for the Bel Air Fine Art Gallery and
London with Amstel Gallery In September 2013 was inaugurated his sculpture Red Dragon in the Museum of The Park at the Portofino International Centre for Outdoor Sculpture.
In October 2013, on behalf of Class Horses he installed his light sculpture Pegaso. He made the sculpture Excalibur for 2014-2015 X-FACTOR’S season.

At the beginning of 2014, he took part in the album covers design of Gianluca Girgnani and Ron.

In April 2014, he exhibited in Moscow for Harmont & Blaine with an extraordinary godmother, Sofia Loren.

In May 2014 he displayed at MAM in Cosenza in partnership with Avangart Gallery.

In June 2014, he inaugurated a solo-exhibit at the Evita Peron Museum in Buenos Aires and the Football Museum in San Paulo for the World Championship in Brazil.

In fall 2014, he made the lighting Ponticino for the Emperor’s Bridge in Pavia.
In 2015 he set up for Mondadori the sculpture “Eden” in Piazza Duomo in Milan. He also took part, in the same year, to EXPO ITALIA during the exhibition “Tesori d’Italia” curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and was present at Spazio Gentile in Giovinazzo in cooperation with Avangart Gallery.
He illuminated the town of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and set up the stage for the Stadio tour. He designed the set for the eleventh edition of Andrea Bocelli’s Teatro del Silenzio and for the film “Lasciati Andare” by Toni Servillo. In 2017 he sets up the stage for the concert by Danilo Rea, Gino Paoli and Paolo Rossi at the Fortezza Santa Barbara in Pistoia.
He placed two luminous sculptures in the city of Alessandria, devoted to the figure of Napoleon and Borsalino. In 2018, on the 15th anniversary of the Blue Note, in Milan, he set up the façade and installed sculptures inside. In the summer of 2018, he exhibited at the Royal Palace of Caserta a series of luminous sculptures, in the “Tempus-Time” exhibition curated by Luca Beatrice.


In November he set up the façade of the Ariston theatre in Sanremo with luminous LED sculptures with an installation entitled “the face of others”. In June 2019 he exhibited at the 58th Venice Biennale with a light sculpture 8 meters high named “Hello Goodbye” placed in the spaces of the Arsenale.
In 2020 he opens the exhibition “The Garden of Luminous Dreams” in the garden of Piazza Partigiani in Alassio at the famous “Muretto of Alassio” tribute to Miss Muretto with the participation of Simona Ventura.

In February 2020 he renews the facade of the Ariston theater in Sanremo on the occasion of 75th anniversary of the Festival, also realize a tribute to Domenico Modugno with a life-size sculpture at the entrance of the theater.

In June 2020 he brings a monumental luminous scenography to the Mart Museum: dancers, mythological animals and other sparkling figures up to three meters high surround the fountain in the square which gives access to the museum. In the heart of the Mart’s architecture, his figures appear as iconic nocturnal apparitions.

In the Autumn of 2020 he illustrated by means of a series of original draws the Esselunga product catalog.

In December 2020 the “Luminous Nativity” opens inside the Varano of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

In April 2021 he realizes the commemorative work for the 75 years of the Vespa at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera.
In May 2021, in collaboration with the MART Museum in Rovereto, he creates the monumental work “Venere” placed in Piazza Rosmini in Rovereto.
In June he is testimonial of the advertising campaign “Wake Up To Creativity” of DeLonghi, creating for the occasion a lighting dancer 250 cm high.
On the occasion of the European Football Championship he created for the FMAV of Modena the album of the famous Panini stickers.
He placed some sculptures in the movie of Leonardo Pieraccioni “Il Sesso degli Angeli” and in the Sky TV series: “Gomorra”.
In 2021 he set up the facades and windows of Christian Dior stores in Paris, Rome, New York, Singapore.
At the end of 2021 he placed one of his Self-portraits in the Vasari Corridor at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.